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For Small Businesses

There are a number of grants, loans and subsidies available for small businesses to access that are designed to add some financial assistance through these uncertain times.

Ontario offers Business Support Grants that can be accessed here. These include the PPE Grant, Property Tax and Energy Cost Rebate Grant and the Ontario Small Business Support Grant.

In order to apply you will need your Business Number (the first 9 digits of your HST number), your April 2019 and April 2020 income amounts and the number of employees you had in April 2020. You will also be asked for your banking information in order for the payment to be issued.

In the link provided, there are details that explain eligibility requirements for each grant.

The Federal Government has many programs for eligible business that can be found here. These include the subsidies for wages and rent, information on the CEBA loan as well as other grant, loan and subsidy programs.

Take a look and see what you may be eligible for!


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